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Welcome to UniTripper, truly the best website and company to enable you book college trips for fun-loving students. Get ready for the ultimate university tours, class trips and college parties organized by you, at your convenience. Get properly acquainted with both new and old classmates as you party the night (or day) away at some of the best locations that Ireland has to offer for students.

Here at UniTripper HQ, we offer both adventure, daytime trips and event filled nights out to suit every type of college student and university club and society. From segway games in Dublin to zorbing in Galway, poker tournaments in Cork to pub crawls in Connemara (we’re looking at you - trainee teachers), we know all too well what makes an amazing student party and class trip. If you are a group, class, club or society with an appetite for adventure simply use our simple custom trip builder and create your group’s own customised booking, and the best thing is no deposit is needed.

Watch this space, we’ll soon be trippin’ to even more prime student destinations in Europe like Prague, Munich and Amsterdam. If Europe beckons though, you can contact us right now and we’ll sort you out.

We can cater to whatever your preferences are and our college class, club and society trips are sure to be A+.


UniTripper is a pioneering website that completely revisions the way that students can make group bookings. Think The College Times meets Booking.com, online shopping meets extreme sports. An effortless check out tab is provided below each of our excellent student destinations. Everything can be personalized to suit your group or class in a simple step by step process. We have absolutely everything covered from accommodation to food and both daytime and night-time activities, you simply click your favorites and you are ready to trip.

There is no need to pay anything in advance and we look after the rest- the organization, the invites, individual payments. If someone cannot partake in any particular activity, it is deducted from the overall costs. It is a quick, effortless and effective way to manage college trips.

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Simply book using our easy-click and invite process.

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Transparent Prices

See the cost of each individual item per person before you book so you know the exact cost down to a tee

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Forget chasing the money, each member pays only what they owe when they are ready

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Book now, pay later

No payment is needed to book (payment due in full six weeks before start date)

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Use our hassle free system to send email, Facebook and text message invites to the proposed group.

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Track numbers, rsvp’s & member activity choices with our group management platform

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UniTripper - All for one and one for all

Here at UniTripper HQ, we understand better than anyone that university is a time for exploration and finding yourself. Each and every college experience is fantastic and unique (there is a reason why college has the best parties). At UniTripper however, we want to make sure that your university experience is the absolute best that it can be.

With such a wide variety of courses, clubs and societies springing up, the amount of quirky themed parties and trips to imagine are endless and exciting. You might want to go completely off the spectrum and blow off some steam. Why not put down your textbooks and go exploring for a weekend or put your endurance to the test with one of the extreme sports we offer. Whether you are a class president, events officer or the beloved class clown, if you have been tasked with arranging an awesome college party or trip you have come to the right place.

We have hundreds of pre-tailored university friendly accommodation, activities and ideas to help you decide on what class bonding trips best suit your group. We arrange trips to the best student locations and cities throughout Ireland - Dublin, Galway, Cork- and Europe. Our affordable and student friendly accommodation also includes a variety of options from hotels to hostels to self-catering apartments, not that you’ll be sleeping much.

Our class trip friendly daytime activities include bubble football, paintball, go-karting, as well as other more unique activities like angling, quad biking and watersports like coasteering and banana boating. Then at night, we have pub crawls, finger food, dinner, VIP nightclub experiences and poker tournaments for the risk takers. These crowd winning activities are sure to form friendships to not only last university, but a lifetime.

Organizing college trips and parties has never been easier. No longer is the event officer tasked with the impossible duty of ringing around for deals, following up payments, invites, itinerary and travel, all while trying to juggle college work. UniTripper takes care of the bookings for you! You can build and tailor every detail to suit your group’s preferences. The best part? Each and every participant can tailor their individual itinerary to suit their needs. After you create your ideal college trip, each attendee will receive an invite that allows them to select or deselect the events that appeal to them or not, no compensation necessary. It is both effortless and cost effective for the organizer.

You can browse through our options and you can even make a booking with no down payments. Please contact us (hyperlink), if you have any further queries - we’d love to help out. Furthermore, at UniTripper HQ, we think the more bizarre the better. If you have any specific society themes or requests, get onto one of our team members and we’ll be sure to make it happen.

From extreme trampolining and frisbee throwing to Capoeira experts and Father Ted appreciation groups, we feel like we have seen it all but college life never fails to excite and surprise us. We hope it never changes, keep being awesome students!