About Us

At UniTripper, we understand the struggles of running a student trip or tour better than anybody. As former students, members of clubs and societies and events officers we have been there before, or have at least tried to be there at times. It can be a tough job to gather the consensus of huge groups of popular societies or of a class. From the offset it can be difficult to find the right destination to appeal to everyone. That doesn’t even get down to the nitty-gritty details like what activities to partake in at what times and even what accommodation to book and what places to eat in. At the end of the day, the best that you can hope for is a great location, great turn out and some team building activities that will help you cement strong class friendships.

We have experienced first hand how difficult it can be to gather an agreement on where to go. In our university friend groups we have had Facebook pages that never materialized much further than ‘Thailand/inter-railing/J1 or something next summer’. We have experienced the difficulty of ringing around countless hostels and hotels trying to find one that was both student and budget friendly for our group. Of course we have also experienced the nightmare of when trips don’t have a sufficient turnout rate or when payment chasing doesn’t go to plan. There is nothing worse than when an eagerly awaited trip doesn’t go ahead.

UniTripper takes all of that stress off the events officer or whoever is organizing your college trip. We make the process of deciding on activities simple and the process of organizing invites and payments even easier.

While there are any number of booking websites, student driven websites and student events out there, UniTripper is unique. It takes all of the above and compiles it into a neat, handy package. You can customize your trip using our unique package builder that is already rotated around the best quality deals on a budget for university students. UniTripper makes the requirement to keep updated on numbers and payments redundant. Everyone invited clicks their attendance and simply pays their own way. No more impromptu meetings or mass emails! Along the way we’ll also keep you updated on upcoming, student orientated events and deals around the country.

Organizing events,tours and trips can be incredibly stressful, particularly when you are trying to juggle a busy student life -assignments, study, home friends, new friends, car friends, multiple societies and a part-time job. Despite being stressful, college can also be the best time of your life, if not your first taste of freedom. Undoubtedly, you are bound to make memories to never forget and forge friendships to last a lifetime. With our help, it’s sure to be the best it can be.