UniTripper merchandise hoodies


No class group or society is complete without a clever or comforting hoody. It’s just a fact of college life. Whether you have the opportunity to go on a major trip before the end of year or not, we certainly recommend that you look into the obligatory class hoodies that we craft. We offer a huge amount of colours and styles like stylish zippies and the beloved, baggy wardrobe staple for lazy days. You can add any catch phrase or logo to the front and back of the hoodies.You could even go all out and get the class of ‘16 printed on the back so that everybody is included! Not only are our hoodies incredibly customised but they are also very good quality and built to last. You can chat to one of our staff today and we’ll be more than happy to help you design a genius class jumper.

UniTripper merchandise varsity jackets


If you just don’t think that a hoody will make the cut and you are looking for something a little bit more? You could consider our university style jackets. Our varsity style jackets are highly symbolic of college life and will be sure to stand out. You can start your own breakfast club in the archetypal apparel. The jackets are also crafted to last and can be stitched with your own personal choice of fabric, like leather, wool and others.

UniTripper merchandise baseball caps


Gotta catch em all? Last but certainly not least, we also offer customized caps. You can keep the sun out of your eyes on the trip in question, if you are lucky for it to make an appearance. You can order our caps in virtually any colour, and with any caption. You could also consider ordering the cap for any attendees, as a surprise for them to wear, if it happens to be a birthday or special occasion..


For just €16 you can get customized T-shirts for the class to bring on the tour and to keep for future events. Societies and classes can brand their own logo or motto on the t-shirt and each member of the group can have their nickname plastered across the back. Your lecturer might do a double take on Monday morning to see “fuzzy frieda” or “Colm Casanova” up the top of the class. The custom built Tees are a great way to stand out from the crowd wherever your venue might be. For larger tours in larger venue, it gives you a chance to mingle with the crowd and never get left behind.

UniTripper merchandise tshirts

What an aran sweater is to Daniel O’Donnell, a novelty t-shirt is to cosy class groups and societies. Not just to last the weekend, our t-shirts are bound to become a go-to item for any student, be it for lazy hungover days or ventures into town where you can boast about your possy. It’s sure to be worn down by the time mammy gets around to doing the washing.


If you are looking to go all out, you can even order a pair of tracksuit bottoms to fully complete the look. Again you can have your signature logo stitched on the tracksuit bottoms. You can order the perfect pants to either match with the colours of your personal hoodies or you can select a different blend to compliment the outfit. If only some of the group want to opt for the pantalones but not everyone, you can again use our customized checkout system to ensure that everyone pays their own way. The tracksuit bottoms are certainly for students who like to go all out.

UniTripper merchandise bags


If you're a very functional person and you want to really put your class dedicated merchandise to good use then we also design bags. This item should really be of benefit to you as you see out the rest of your college days. You class/ society bag may accompany you on further class trips with us in the future, it may be shielding gym gear, library books or even your thesis. Either Way, our customised bags are certainly a signature staple to be put to use.